Who is working on this project?


My name is Verena Roberts and this is my story:


4 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Wow! It definitely looks like you took a road less traveled; you must be an innate risk-taker! It also sounds like the walls of classrooms are tumbling down,and learning is going on 24/7. I can see how exciting that is…but coming at this as a person who needs clear boundaries between work and personal life to maintain some sense of sanity, how can I integrate this kind of learning environment and still maintain balance in my life?

    • Risk Taker or not…I totally agree about the boundaries. I have had to set some time restraints on the computer – The fact that I have a young family ensures that I `get off the computer`when I say I will get off. I was definitely feeling overwhelmed as I started this journey – I read Net Smart by Howard Rheingold. He gives lots of great examples about NOT letting social media and technology take over your life.

      At work – I don;t get involved unless it can help me in more than 2 ways…I have to prioritize. All my professional development has to help me at work as well. Or at least I try…

      I also find time to be unplug`d. I met some wonderful people at the ConnectedCA conference and many of them had participated in unplug`d http://unplugd.ca/ I make sure to take extended periods of time away from the computer. The first week of a new class doesn`t give me a lot of opportunity to do that, but there are always `hours`of time. I`m also not a bit cel phone user – to many people`s frustration. I like my own space to and not being on call 24-7. I also find that being online all the time does not give me time to reflect – so it is necessary to step away for me, in order to learn.

      I am still working on that balance part- always will!
      Thank you for the great question!
      Verena 🙂

  2. whoa!

    Now that I am part of the iPhone cult (hehehe), I am almost addicted to staying connected with the digital world. I wanted to avoid twitter with everything in me because Facebook already occupies a great deal of my time. And Google+. But now I feel like I am in need of a twitter account because of this course.

    I am excited, anxious, and somewhat worried that I may enter the Matrix and never leave. If I do enter the Matrix, I may need you to bail me out Ms. Roberts! : )

    I appreciate the road you have traveled and the footprints you are leaving behind for us to inspect and admire.

    • Hi Craig-

      I have learned more with twitter in the last 3 months than I have in 15 years of teaching…..so be warned!
      However, by facilitating this course, I have learned more in the last week that I have in the last 3 months….so I just like learning…

      Other than Channning Tatum – I don’t follow celebs on twitter….you are in for a BIG and pleasant surprise!

      Verena 🙂

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