This is the “HOME BLOG” for #DigiFoot12

Course Information:



Detectives (Participants):
We are calling on everyone and anyone to participate! Students, student and parent teams, parents, teachers, administrators – anyone who would like to explore and examine their digital Footprint!

Case File (Course Information) :
The course will offer a K-12 audience an opportunity to examine “My Digital Footprint”.  This means learning how to follow your digital footprint through the use of social media and digital tools.

Each week a “guest detective” will offer a lecture in Blackboard Collaborate.

The guest detective  will present a topic related to “My Digital Footprint” as well as offer an online activity for the participants to complete during the week. You can find the Week 1 activites listed in Resources.

Investigation Techniques ?(What I can learn?):
Tracking, searching, networking and collborating are some of the key skills you will use to learn about Digital Footprints. The guest lecturers will encourage you to consider your digital footrpint by using a variety of social media platforms and digital tools. The goal of this course is to learn about the impact of social media on our lives – together.

Undercover or Regular Detectives ? (Participation Options):
In order to learn about social media at your own pace – we are an inclusive, open environment. We encourage everyone to learn in their own way, at their own pace. The choice on “how” you would like to participate is up to you.

  • If you would like to register for the course (through Student 2.0), you will receive daily e-mails for the 6 weeks of this course and have the opportunity to partipcate in the discussions on this page.
  • If you decide to “check-in” and read what we are up to without registering, that’s ok too.
  • If you want to “tweet a post”, please use hashtag #DigiFoot12, so we can collect the tweets and include them in our daily e-mail.
  • If you would like us to follow your blog, please sendan e-mail to Verena with your RSS feed information.
  • Please go to the Privacy Page for specific details about what we are doing to protect your privacy.

If the participants choose to do so, the activites can be tracked using RSS and Twitter feeds in the daily update. Check the “pages” for instructions on how you can “track” your footprint each week!



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