Can I read everything? No…I can’t..

Is that ok? Yes.

MOOC’s are about autonomous learning. As the lead instructor and lead detective it is my responsibility to create a classroom environment and a sense of direction and some kind of assessment. The environment is everywhere and anywhere – this course is “trending” in Student 2.0 and MightyBell. The “direction” is the weekly Blackboard Meetings, weekly activities and the daily e-mails.

The learning is not taking place as a result of my “content” or lectures. I have guided the participants towards tools and connections, but if you want to evidence of how “learning” is being demonstrated, check out the blog posts and the discussions in MightyBell and some in Student 2.0. If you wanted to know what “Standards” I am following, please check out ISTE’s Standards and then find examples of these skills being met throughout the course. The assessment is within the environment and is self regulated.

I created to the “Badge Tracking Page” as a means to support completed activities. Blog creation is more of a technical skill, black and white. However, the digital literacy and social media skills are apparent in discussions, connections and levels of interactions. Is there a way to “assess” these discussions? While this may not be necessary for this course, how will I be assess the “learning” when I try a HIgh School accredited course using the same instructional design and pedagogy? This course is not only breaking convincing me about new “facilitating” strategies, I now need to reconsider assessment. This kind of learning lends itself to competency based learning. I started some research on this and found More to come..

Thoughts on “Inclusion”…and Creating a Learning Environment…

This is proving to be my biggest challenge thus far in the course. I would welcome some feedback on if participants are feeling “included” and if they are slowly emerging from the “information overload” into connecting with others.

I am sill trying to “collect” my flock. I have learned that one registration system works best and one discussion area. In the #Change11 MOOC, you registered on the home webpage, then had to send in your RSS feed to your blog. I was so intimidated about RSS feeds, I never sent in my blog link.  I learned that if you want to find an audience, without a link to your blog, you have to tweet about your latest entry.

I’m still working on the inclusion part. as I find it so important..and all feedback is appreciated. I particularly enjoy reading William Beasley’s blog as it is all about what he “thinks” I am up to. All teachers should be so lucky!

Back to the organization…

Thank you all for hanging in there!

Verena 🙂


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