Reflection Time – Less is More

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Wow! So much so fast thus far in #DigiFoot12. Many people refer to the information overload as drinking from the firehose. I can see that now….

My PLN has not just expanded in the last 3 days, it has exploded. As such, it has been extremely difficult to keep up with “facilitating” the #DigiFoot12 course as well as working on the Instructional Design side (adding to the #DigiFoot12 wikispaces course site). MightyBell has proven very successful to act as a Discussion Base for the course, and it continues to grow.The Student 2.0 page also supports learners. I think I may have confused things by having “too many places” to add to discussions. Three is more than enough, and I plan on sticking to these three areas. This gives participants who want a “specific area” a set location. I get e-mails for every interaction that takes place in Student 2.0 and MightyBell – so I know “what is up”….

To “track” everything, I am using NetVibe and Twitter Tracking. This is the next step for “connecting” as a learner and it is proving to be far more challenging to see what participants are up to outside of the set 3 “zones”. I made too many places for people to list their twitter name and their blog name. I have now put 2 google docs on the home page of the course site – and that will hopefully be a “specific” location. Offering too many options is making it extremely difficult to collect data.

The learning:

For data collection – Less is More

For Discussion areas – Less is More

For “Tracking” Data – Less is More

I’m beginning to see a trend….:)

Now I know – While I was trying to encourage Inquiry Based Learning (what do you want to learn and how are you going to learn it strategies ) I have realized that the instructor has to set some clear parameters about “where” the learning is to take place – or people will get lost.

Back to the RSS feed tracking – and I will focus on “Less is More”….

Verena 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reflection Time – Less is More

  1. Verena, I understand the desire to provide choice and introduce a great variety of tools and strategies but I think it does become overwhelming when we take on too much. Each of the areas are valuable places but serve the same function. I think selecting one tool for discussions would be best…but after saying that, I am enjoying learning about Mightybell and using it for this course. If we had stuck to Student 2.0 I would not have had this opportunity. I agree that less is more, however sometimes you find gems when it’s all thrown at you! Differentiated Instruction at its best! I think you really need to know your audience. Beginners often get frustrated with too many new items to learn. Experienced users might prefer this open format better. Always a learning curve! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it!

    • Hey Kim-

      I will encourage you to “help” me give feedback to all partipants for the Twitter Week – The network is a force on its own….The difference between the participants: Beginners to masters…is amazing. Itis so important for eveyne to feel included as we are all leanring from each other – truly! It is just like a “regular” class though…which proves my point that “there is no such thing as online and f2f learning – we learn any way we can!” I think we are used to structure, and we are all learning how to “relearn” and prioritize “our” learning. What might be great for one, makes no sense to another….it is a strength and weakness of open learning, and is truly fascinating to me…

      Right now- still going for less is more- “How to Prioritize” David Truss helped all the participants with the NetVibe - I think that should help. I created my own- but didn’t post it. I am now encouraging everyone to post “their” own ways of organizing the content….

      Good luck tonight!

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