Tomorrow we start! July 5/12

I am so excited as I see participants start to sign up into #DigiFoot12. It has been months of preparation and I am like a kid before Christmas. In this course, we will all be learning together. I will be learning how to facilitate a MOOC like course AND about social media/digital footsteps – completely open, networked and online. Can it be done? Yes….Will people participate, comment and engage in new ideas? I hope so….That is my biggest challenge as a facilitator, how to be the “guide on the side” in an online course and focus on “Inquiry Based Learning” – What are we going to learn and how are we going to learn it? I won’t be “giving” the answers or the content, I can only encourage and support other’s learning. I’m so facinated by the content of the course, the design process and now the Instructional process…I could explode! So many things to learn…The best is yet to come! See everyone in Blackboard Collaborate @ 7pm MST tomorrow night! Check out: for more details!


8 thoughts on “Tomorrow we start! July 5/12

  1. I can feel your excitement! I am registering for this course and plan to participate as much as I can, because the content is very intriguing to me. However, I also start 3 full-time weeks of a Masters program in which we’ll complete 12 credits, so not sure I can give 100% to this course. Is that okay? The 7pm MST meetings also start at the same time my classes end (here in Alaska), so I would be late to those classes if I need to get home before the meeting.

    I believe I read that you teach international students on your page, and I’m assuming that you do this via distance. I’m especially interested in your comparison of facilitating this course compared to your experience in teaching international students. I’ve recently completed the Facilitating and Implementing Online Courses course taught by ETLO (Educational Technology Leaders Online) and am so excited about what I’ve learned about the difference between online facilitating versus teaching.

    • Hi Tammy!
      Sounds like you are busy….This is small part of my UBC MET program. I am doing an independent project on “How” to create MOOC like courses for k-12 students/audience. I was studying connectivism and networked learning. The project part was how to “design” the course….now I am on my own…:) This is the Lit Review if it helps you get an idea of where I am coming from:

      Yes- I am an eLearning Consultant and the CEO Chief Education Officer – for – we are trying to how far we can push the barriers of online education for our High School students. Our courses are only just beginning to reflect some of the social media ideas that we will incorporate in this course. Part of the reason I am doing this course is to see “how” I can integrate some of these ideas into “regular” online calsses. We use Moodle as our LMS and the teaching part is very different with a LMS – and I am trying to figure out why….

      This course is already proving challenging just trying to track everyone and catch up (much easier in an LMS)….So much learning! But you’re right – it is so different! I think I am really going to focus on “what” my teachers can integrate into their online classes, and “how” I can scaffold their learning about instructional design so it makes sense….

      This course will be about facilitating -yes!!!! – Trying to experiment with Inquiry Based Learning -online….I am eager to see the results as well. PLEASE feel free to lead, network and support – connect what we are doing with your current classes – or watever you can to help. It’s honestly about learning together and I am so excited that others feel the same way!
      Verena 🙂

  2. I logged in at 6:02 Alaska time, just in time for sign offs. I had set-up Elluminate earlier in the day, although my memory lapsed on what to do at 5:30pm. I did hear that you were posting (I hope) the 32 slides somewhere? I think you started at 5pm Alaska time, which means class lasted for a hour. I will get up to speed and hopefully will not miss out next week. Any advice on viewing class after the fact.

    • Hello!
      So sorry I did not reply sooner….
      No worries about missing the class- Login to the week 1 page on the wiki course site. The whole class link is there…you can`t ask a live question, but you can ask me here is you have a question….

      The first 20-25 minutes are the lesson, then it was questions from participants.
      The slide share show is good because you can go over links and things more slowly…
      Then head to to the Scavenger hunt and Week One activites at the bottom of the page.

      What`s the weather like up in Alaska…
      Verena 🙂

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